Whether your taste is traditional, transitional, or contemporary,
Luminexa™ has choices to fit your aesthetic, budget, and lifestyle.

Ranging from high-end custom to more economical options, all Luminexa™ choices offer durability, scratch-resistance, and custom production. We work with you to create the perfect accompaniment to your design aesthetic, lifestyle, and budget. Our goal is for Luminexa™ to give you satisfaction, enjoyment, and service for years. We want that for ourselves, so we want that for you, too. 


Because it is non-porous, Luminexa™ won't stain. Red wine? No problem. Lemon juice? Not an issue. None of the resealing worries of stone, either. Can be cleaned with Windex and a soft cloth. Luminexa™ can be used in bathrooms, upper bars, backsplashes, powder rooms, tub surrounds, vertical divider panels, coffee tables, desks, cocktail tables, etc., and more.   

Note: Please see FAQs for common-sense suggestions on where and how it is best used.



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Luminexa™ is Proudly Made in the U.S.A.