Public areas in commercial and multi-family sell your project, as well as show the uniqueness of your client. Cash wraps, clubrooms, bars, leasing desks, and bathrooms all need a special touch. Luminexa™ can be your silent working partner.
By coalescing and personalizing your aesthetic in these areas, your design brilliance will be seen by everyone who walks in the door.
Because it has a commercial-quality top layer, it can withstand hard use. May be produced onsite for larger pieces so what the end-user sees is as seamless as your designs. 

Help your clients get the most from your talent...

Luminexa™ offers you endless choices--of embeds, colors, thickness, and finish. Can be transparent, translucent, or opaque, and may be produced for backlighting. Minerals,  fabrics, paper, glass, wine corks, glitters, botanicals (coffee beans, bamboo, grasses, etc.), logos, and more can be embedded. We also hand-create patterns such as swirls.      

From elegantly subdued and luxurious to over-the-top bling, Luminexa is a prime choice. Need a high-end, seamless, backlit bar? We can do it. Glow-in-the-dark options? We offer those. Bling that doesn't cost a fortune? Glitter it! Glitter is a reasonably priced option. Your client wants their logo in the middle of their tabletops and bars? Done!


In some cases, we can produce onsite, giving you a seamless installation. A commercial quality scratch-resistant top layer ensures your project will stand up to the hard wear of heavy use. Luminexa™ will become your first choice again and again.  

Note: Not suitable for food prep areas