Design adaptability, special-effects options, durability,
and broad price points make Luminexa™ a go-to choice for hospitality.  

From elegantly subdued luxury to over-the-top bling, Luminexa™ is a prime choice. Need a high-end, seamless, backlit bar? We can do it. Glow-in-the-dark options? We offer those. Bling that doesn't cost a fortune? Glitter it! Glitter is a reasonably priced option. Your client wants their logo in the middle of their tabletops and bars? Done!


In some cases, we can produce onsite, giving you a seamless installation. A commercial quality scratch-resistant top layer ensures your project will stand up to the hard wear of heavy use. Luminexa™ will become your first choice again and again.  


Note: Not suitable for commercial food prep areas. 



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Luminexa™ is Proudly Made in the U.S.A.