Freqently Asked Questions

Luminexa™ is a robustly durable product, and will last for years with proper care. The common-sense tips below will help ensure good service. Primarily for interior use, but can be used in select  outdoor locations. Do not use directly by the stove, as a fireplace surround, cutting board, or in strong western exposures for long periods (years). Suitable in food-serving areas, but not commercial food-prep areas; almost anyplace else is fine. We do not install, supply, or recommend lights. We will, however, at your request, make recommendations for lighting experts that you can hire for your application.  


Will Luminexa™ stain? How do I clean it?  
Luminexa™ is chemically resistant to such things as red wine, vinegar, and lemon juice. Clean with
Windex and soft towels. Do not use abrasive cleaners.  


Can it be repolished?  
Yes, it is a renewable surface. The surface is significantly more scratch-resistant than solid surface, but scratches might show more than on opaque surfaces because of the transparency of the top layer.  


Can I put hot pans on it?
No. You can put coffee cups and plates on it. Do not expose directly to fire.  


What is the size range?  
Thicknesses range from 1/4" to several inches thick; pieces can be from coaster-size to 12' x 6' in our shop. Larger pieces can be produced onsite in selected locations, creating a seamless surface.  


What colors can I specify?

Any color. Luminexa™ can be matched to appliance colors (Kohler, American Standard, etc), as well as Pantone (in some cases). We welcome swatches, chips, boards, etc.  

What edge treatments are available?
Mainly straight edge and comfort bevel. Fancier edges (bullnose, ogees, double ogees, etc.) are an up-charge. Edges may be lightly frosted or clear and shiny. 


How is installation done, and who does it?
We provide installation and transportation services, or you can; can be discussed in advance.

Installs like solid surface and granite, and can be worked with basic wood tools. Talk with us about specific installation instructions. 


How is Luminexa™ stored?
Store and transport Luminexa™ FLAT in a room-temperature environment. Do NOT lean  against a wall or leave in hot sun. Do not transport in hot sun and high temps without protection. 


What are lead times?  
From 1 week to several months. We will coordinate due dates with you.  




Can coasters and trays go into the dishwasher?
No. Rinse with water or use Windex and a cloth. If accidentally put into the dishwasher, and they deform, place on a flat surface while still warm so they have an opportunity to go back to their original shape. 

How safe is it?
Luminexa™ is a low-to-no VOC product, and does not off-gas.